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  Note; almost every word needs to be studied, you won't read the article once and understand it clearly, also note that from one of these paragraphs a book can be written, it has very big meaning and importance..

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Philosophy: Part 1

  "18 years isn't enough to understand that education is compulsory in our life..."

  "Pain is not obstacle...anymore. I've experienced it so many times, I've caused it so many times, and I've seen it so many times, but over all of that I have lived with it too many times.." and only I know, what pain I feel inside me... "
-Mike + Myself

  "The Power of hate seems to overcome all... I hate everyone whose around me, I can show it quite easy, but I love everyone whose around me too, why can't I show it as easy as the hate? I've hated.... and loved... so many times, but it seems to hate is the easiest way..."

  "to Kill, to Murder, to Destroy, to Damage, to Injure - everyone can do it; to Confess, to Sympathize, to Assist, to Understand, to Create - no one can do it.."

  "Why can't we choose: what is bad and what is good... someone else already chosen it for us without asking our opinion... the more of us exist, the less of us are original, the choosing what is right or wrong for us is one of the most important things in our every minute and it is unavailable, it is disabled, it is stolen."

  "Nobody is right as nobody is wrong, nobody realizes what is the truth... and never will.."

  "After 16 years and 8 months I have solved what is the point of living - it's the living it self, the whole point is to live no matter what is your life."

  "A dog, a horse or any other emotions having animal can love you and you can love him a lot more than any human from the world, no matter how you look, what clothes you're wearing, how much money you have, what is your character, what colour or religion you are... it will obey you... you aren't making pain to it, it doesn't make pain to you - it feels, it understands your soul, it learns from you, it acts as you, it is You.."

  "A lot of who are saying that no one can change, that is true, but it can always be trying to reach what he wants, there is no matter if he succeed or not.. It’s all in the wish and himself... he is always going to be the same, just he will look different.."

Philosophy: Part 2

  "I don't care what others are saying to me.. I hear them, but they don't know that or doesn't think about that... I always understood everything, I didn't show it, I choose what at that time I thought will be best, sometimes I was blind, sometimes I was right, but there are no such things as blind or right... afraid? Maybe, but why people are afraid... could be that they didn't succeed couple of times and they are afraid they won't succeed again, (so that means it needs positive mood???) or they don't want new things, because the first step is always the hardest, maybe somebody told to you be afraid, no matter what it is - you need to choose and your choice will change everything/everybody there is no such thing as an overkill... you can have so many lives how many seconds there is in your life - 50% happiness and 50% unhappiness no matter what you'll be choosing, the numbers are like that... if you start counting them.. 100% will be unhappiness... so always remember that if something happened good to you, for somebody it's a black day.."

  "How are you choosing a 'friend'? For his money, look, house... after that you discover his experience, characteristic, intelligence... he looses his house, money, look and fame, he looses his 'friends', he hasn't any experience, characteristic, intelligence anymore, he doesn't have any 'friend'... mood is what makes intelligence, characteristic and experience, how can I get positive mood? If all what’s inside me is pain, that makes all negative, if it's negative it isn't intelligent… you're positive, you can do something in 5 minutes without mistakes, if it's negative you could be making that thing all your life, crying never helped, help, or will help... even a thing which can look so tiny for other, can make your mood positive, but who can make it if you have no 'friend'? A TV set, a computer, a robot... a dog? You always can pretend, but that won't make you happy from inside, you'll suffer and your level will be dropping... how to get over it? By thinking why it happened... what have you done wrong? You could think about it all your life and will only be having more and more questions for which there are no answers, or which makes even more questions… what is a question anyway? it's when a thing doesn't know something, or when it's opposite, when he knows and wants to show it or to see if another knows it, so you can't solve it by making questions.. try to search a thing with which you can relax, which is good for you, no matter what others will be saying to you, you can get more respect by being different, original, but also you can loose your respect by being like that, same is with copying others, where is the line then? There is no line, there is mood..."

  "All of the 'dogs' have the same instincts, all of the humans have them too, all the dogs are the same as all the people are the same too, but the fact is that everyone, everything, everywhere is different and unique, there is nothing monotonous..."

  "Why our XXI century culture is getting so pathetic... it could be that there may be another middle ages of 1000 years dark time, the quality is getting worse, the production of more and cheaper is conquering the world market, only competition between something have good (expensive) quality... people... the world... are getting 'monotonous' the people are getting 'the same' people are getting not so original, they are copying others... if remembering the past, the world was so big, now we have only couple of totally different regions... democracy, communism, Muslims and primitive life – WAR"

  "In these days you believe a stranger much more than a person himself, you make a lot of opinions about something/somebody from somewhere/somebody, why you don't make your opinions by listening to that something/somebody why can't you understand that both of them are wrong, they both aren't perfect, they both are right, that means you too"

  "Every time, everywhere you are choosing between something, your every choice can change your live, it can be ruined or it can become lucky, in one or another way you never going to be happy all the time… you can't come back to past, because it already happened, you can only think what would happen if... you often say I wish if I... you have done it, you have chosen... you can't change anything... but don't forget it, remember and learn from your mistakes, use them in the future, even if that is so hard to do, by trying you may become more original, more different from the popular world.."

Philosophy: Part 3

  "Secrets, promises, responsibility, obligation - everyone would be happy not to have these features, but if you don't have them, you're just pretending to live, you don't know what you want from live... if you can't save your secrets, if you can't do your promises, if you don't feel any responsibility and obligation, there is no place for you in this world, you can pretend, but you need to learn to lie when it's needed, without lying you can't save your secrets… but if you'll become a liar there is no place for you too, so where is the line? there is no line, remember that the so called 'truth' will someday reveal or so called 'lie' will always be killing you from inside, but that doesn't mean you need to reveal it, just live with it, with that pain and suffering - no one will care, but you can talk about it with people you trust, maybe it'll be better for you, but what is trust? It is 'lying', there is no better liar than you yourself... dogs are lying either... again you need to choose and choosing..."

  "You think that Pain, Jealousy, Treason, Fear, Selfishness, Anger, Hate are bad features? Think again, those features are a part of a word love, without them there wouldn't be any love at all as without these either - Luck, Happiness, Success, Pleasure, Intercession, Foolishness, Shyness... and so on.. there are no words Man or Women, Human or Animal in the word Love, so no matter between whom, but love exists; this word is one of the most hardest words that can be explained - it's not explainable to the end; you need to remember that in this word love, neither money, nor appearance exist, it's totally two different words.."

  "Do you believe that everything has an opposite side? I sure do and I encourage you to think so too, if you are living, you can just die, but the question is different, can you travel between death and life? If you are living you decide to die, you won't be living anymore, a new question accrues, is it possible to become alive again, arise from the dead? Maybe it is, but we surely don't know that yet, we haven't learned to do that, but minor opposite things, we can travel there just fine, you can be hungry one day and full the second day... but still I can make lots of examples when you can't comeback to the normal view... you train your body for a year and again you decide to be as you were a year back, no way that is possible, this is due to that time is always ticking, one, two, three and takes everything with it erasing what has been done leaving just memories and records... so if believing what I say, we are always hungry and always full? We are alive, but we are dead... every time we are hungry or full differently... a rain of thoughts, but anyway everything has an opposite side, everything has its minuses and pluses, more or less, who cares, don't think about this kind of stuff, or you'll just get mad. "

  "Why are you alive? Who are you? What do you want? Those questions never had, never have and will never have a right answer, you can't answer them right, only in theory, if someone asks who are you? What do you reply? Hello, I'm Michel Jackson, wrong, what is this Michael Jackson? Someone asked you who are you, not what is your name… the point is clear."

  "You believe in signs? Just think about your life, why were you born here, why was your mother your mother, why you live here not there… do you have a fate? Maybe you're a program which is written to do what you're doing just right now and you can't change anything, because your every move is written, if you will do something and suddenly you'll make something different and you will think that you changed your fate, for the hell now that was your fate, at that moment to do something different.. so if there is fate we can't change, why do we need to do something, lets just sit and don't do anything, fate will move as to there where we need to be, but if you do that, so your fate was to sit and wait for fate, hell this is bullshit, fate was created, just as everything, God, earth, laws, you.. so if you got a sign, there was 1 out of million chances that you will succeed, but you did it, do you think that if you travel to past and will do it again, it will be the same? So maybe fate does not exist, it is all mathematics, a theory that our live is moving in a random order, just like a fresco program, moves and moves deeper and never stops and inside everything has an order, everything is the same, a number of people, the same number of males and females in some order, a same number of ants and birds"

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