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  Yeah, a section called Me, if you thought it will be some more info about me, then go to the old good section about and read it once more if you still haven't read that I recommend to not read it at all.

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  I am an 24 years old Student, I am one of the smarter ones in this darn world we live in, but one of those who likes to do stupid things, I call myself a web master, one of the better ones, a programmer, one of the cleaner ones, a designer, one of the beginners, an alcoholic, one of the rarely drinking, an Internet addict, one of the who does not care, a happy person, not having any joy and not enjoying his life, a scientist.

  My computer days started since 6 years, I still do not remember a lot, but my brother already used to play with them, you remember the old good world of computing? Not like now when only Windows are available and x86 hardware and all others are having lots of difficulties, even though more people do know the words Linux and Apple. The first computer in our house was an Atari 2060 or something, it used to have 16 games in ROM and if you had a cartridge (which we did not own) you could play more, the first real computer was the ZX Spectrum 48kb with cassettes, it was so cool for those days here, later an Speccy 128kb and when we got the Amiga 500+ that was just superb, after a year my brother bought an Amiga 1200 and it still is working here in my room, of course it is expanded and stuff, So yeah I was/am an Amigan and I like using AmigaOS, but when using Linux or the bad Windows I don't see why should I make my main computer an Pegasos/MorphOS or the AmigaOne/OS4 the main thing for me now is the Software, not the OS and of course my current money situation for buying lots of different Hardware including a Mac.

  I found it fun to start learning html, I started doing it in 2002 and with time until being I know a lot about web mastering, I can be hired if you pay me money. I know HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) commands, HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), JS (JavaScript), XML (EXtensible Markup Language) and stuff which can be done with it like XPath and XQuery, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), WML (Wireless Markup) and PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), MySQL (Structured Query Language), .htaccess, Cgi/Perl (Common Gateway Interface/Practical Extraction and Report Language) and of course some AJAX (Asynchronous XML And JavaScript) basics. I work with Oracle and PLSQL everyday as it's currently my job. I looked into programming languages like C, C++ and Pascal, but did not get into them, but we are learning C in the University, so it is quite easy for me and I can say that I know it, I even understand pointers, but I don't know what can I do with it except for creating Console applications.. Tried Java, but not to much.. I also needed to learn C# for my studies, even though I never liked it, but for creating shit windows applications, which aren't needed to much, it is really a simple way to do it, for me with experience in programming, it took me 4 days to understand how it works and write a normal Windows Application.. also only needed to learn Pascal, due to the Information Technologies exam required it. Pascal is quite fun, but I didn't feel a lot of convenience using it, so old, but good for learning the basics of programming. I use Free Pascal to compile my written code and I did not take up Delphi at all. But in the University I had to learn REXX (Restructured Extended Executor Language) scripting, I remember I used to use aRexx on the Amiga computers, so it wasn't hard, moreover I also needed to learn to write cmd/batch files and now I can say that I know all about them. I can setup a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL Perl/Python/PHP) or WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL PHP) server, I can install Linux Gentoo or Arch Linux , SUSE and similar distributions to Ubuntu/Kubuntu Linux, I had been staff of a hosting company, I can do things through SSH (Secure SHell) on Linux server, I know how to use CPanel (Control Panel) and WHM (Web Host Manager), I can setup an FTP/IRC (File Transfer Protocol/International Relay Chat) server and I can learn a lot, due to I am a fast learner, but if it is shit, I won't even start doing it, the more you pay the better quality you get, that’s how it is. But eventually I can forget things, it is hard to remember all of that, but if you know the basics and how it works, to go deeper into something is not a problem, it might even interest me and after a while I can be advanced. For example, I did not use WAP and WML practically a lot, so it is hard to say and do a lot with it.

  So currently I am using Arch Linux, for years were using Gentoo though. with KDE and Windows 7 and Windows XP, on Windows I am using mostly Open Source software and the only thing which has the name of the Windows here are Windows itself, no mirc, no windows media player, no windows messenger, no fucking bad software, if you did not know other much better software exist and the happy day when the Opera browser got free and without Ads. On Linux the main software is the KDE bundle and an engine which makes GTK to QT so yes, it is cool and I am using software like Gimp, Bluefish, Gaim with good appearance/gui/interface.

  I like pets, I had lots of them and lots of them died or were eaten, hey don't think that I do not love them, I would better save an animal rather than some stupid human, but don't think bad about me again, or anyway, you can think whatever you want, I don't really care about it, if you piss me of, you'll have problems, not me. Currently, my Dog Faustas who is my best friend and is the only living creature who can listen to my stupid life stories and show some emotions, I don't talk with my mother, I rarely speak about serious stuff with my brothers, I don't know where my father is, so talking with myself is the only thing I can do, but I can get mad, so you think where are my friends? yeah, no one cares, I do not care about some other guy stupid problems too, I have my own problems which you just can't solve, the more you live the more problems like this appears, sometimes it looks like this life is just pointless, imagine your life, you get born by your mother, due to your father had love with her, you grow up and make love with others and the cycle continues, so fucking is the most important thing in our society? :o Everything seems to be so difficult, but I don't like living, but I would not like to die too, so I have to suffer. In my opinion, this is hell already and someone is in heaven, but you know what? There isn’t any beer in heaven; there isn’t any sex in heaven, so let’s all happily suffer and die! :-D

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