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  Welcome to my Personal Site called Quatrux. Quatrux is my Nickname Used all over the Web and the enormous Internet, my real name is Kestutis Stankevicius and I am 24 years perspective Lithuanian student studying in VGTU for Master's degree, yes as you understood I am Male and I am married, but who the hell cares about that and remember that this site was created in the year 2004, so I was about 17 years old and nothing really changed here to much.

  Thank you for visiting! Despite the title of this site, which may sound interesting and unknown, it is only another web site about some ordinary guy and his interests, who was bored one day and thought to make something stupid, this is how the idea of this little few pages project appeared. So using Gimp software some graphics were made by me, I just imagined my new layout and did it and later copied/pasted/wrote some of my own PHP scripts and the site runs perfectly with PHP+MySQL and HTML+CSS+JS and a Control Panel. With time, the script went better and better and now I call it theSite CMS (Content Management System), which is really very small, but powerful and very secure and easy to manage. In the year 2008, I have rewrote my entire theSite CMS and now it’s still small, but very powerful, it can support different languages, all you need is to add them to the settings and add the content through the Control Panel, which in fact is just a plugin for theSite CMS. Plugins can be added and can be seen as Pages, Modules can be added to do something for the CMS, for example count statistics of the website or generate something. This CMS supports as many Protocols as you desire, all you need is to have Templates for them, so your site can be html and xml friendly, mobile friendly, you can even offer a PDF version or even offer any Template for anything. It can be used as a simple Framework, I have theSite CMS main files in one directory and all of my Websites are running using them, they are separate just because of different settings and templates files in different directories. The most amazing feature for me is that it can Publish the Pages just with a few clicks, what is Publishing you ask? Through the Control Panel I can edit the Content and publish it by creating HTML files or any Protocol files I am supporting, the same as on Blogger, I got the idea from there. It might be a chance that you’re browsing the generated content files and not the dynamic content, if you wish you can always browse the Dynamic Content. I found one bad thing about publishing content! Browsers support, usually on dynamic content you can check and generate exceptions, but on plain HTML or any other files it’s not so easy to Manage, you could use JavaScript though, but I hate that, that’s why my content style files are generated depending on the browser. I really love this feature I managed to write, even though it gave me some headache for several days! In addition, now my content is 100% UTF-8, as UTF-8 I mean everything is working well with the encoding side, Database, Files, Functions, Strings, Text.. Sad to say, but I don’t support PHP4 anymore, theSite CMS works only with PHP5, it may work with PHP4, but not as expected, because I am using some functions and defines which comes only with PHP5 and I don’t see the point to make it PHP4 compatible as most servers Today support PHP5.

  As you progress through my site, you'll find that there is nothing special about it. In your place I think I would already close the tab or window, but if you're reading this, you might be crazy or just bored, so continue doing it. I don't think that you have to give a lot of your time to go through all the Quatrux homepage, but if you want to go deeper, I think your attitude to the world might change and besides with time as you may see in the copyright, a lot of information was added in both English and Lithuanian languages.

  All in all, I've had a lot of fun (yea it was quite boring) building this little site. I hope you enjoy visiting it as much as I've enjoyed creating it and I don't think that it will be updated often, due to there is nothing to update. Unless changing my age after my next happy birthday which I usually don't remember. Thank you, and please come again!

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