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My National School Exam Results

  Well, I can make my results public now and show them to everyone on the Internet, because all of that bullshit is over now, I passed all the six National Exams, which I was tired from.. As a matter of fact, I am not proud of my results, but I think I didn't pay a lot of attention for them and for school, but I never degraded as most of other people. Since the 7th form all the teachers talked about the exams and how hard they are, but what to do when you pass them - no one told me, so I am to late to fill the applications for the University on the first round, but I will pay all the sum of money and will complete the application, I hope I will enter some University or else I will go to army and get my head shaved, so I believe learning is a much better choice and to get new knowledge is fun, to read and know more even though it is so boring and I am to lazy, the more you know the more you can discuss with people and the less you talk about penis and vulva and you don't feel so stupid in some discussion/debate.

  I finished "Sietuvos" high-school in the 2005/2006 years, it is in Lithuania, Vilnius, Taikos street Nr. 47, LT-05260, School Telephone number is 8-5-2475280 and of course their Electronic Mail. Also you can visit their Pathetic Website. School Principal - Birtuė Valkaitienė.

10th form Exams

  Mathematics - 6
  Lithuanian language - 6

  10th form annual Marks

    Religion - Valid
    Lithuanian mother-tongue - 7
    English language - 8
    German language - 7
    Mathematics - 7
    Biology - 7
    Physics - 7
    Chemistry - 4
    History - 8
    Civil Societal Basics - Valid
    Geography - 10
    Art lessons - 7
    Music - 6
    Technologies - 10
    Physical culture - 10
    Information Technologies - 7

12th form Exams

  Mathematics (N) - 22%
  Physics (N) - 48%
  Lithuanian language (Test) (N) - 27%
  Lithuanian language (Credit) - 8
  Interpretation  (S) - 5
  English language (N) - 85%
  English language (Credit) - 9
  History (N) - 81%
  Information Technologies (N) - 51%
  PCL (Pupil Computer Literacy ) - Valid

  12th form annual Marks

    Ethics - Valid
    Lithuanian mother-tongue (A) - 7
    English language (A) - 8
    Mathematics (A) - 6
    Physics (A) - 5
    Chemistry (B) - 6
    History (A) - 6
    Art (B) - 10
    Physical culture (B) - 10
    Information Technologies (B) - 10

  I learned and passed everything as an idiot, but what can I change now, I wouldn't do anything special even if I came back to past, I would be to lazy to do something, there is no time to do everything. How do I feel when I finished School? Very good, all the stupid stuff has vanished, of course it will appear again, but I will know how to fight it and over come, several more months and school will be some kind of a legend to me which I will hardly remember. I feel respect for some teachers, I think some of the teachers are morbid, but this is past time, maybe after 10 years I will want to talk with them, but not longer than 15 minutes. School is nothing and the current system is unacceptable, a lot of what should be changed, but the ones who are responsible for this never was in school, so why the hell they are changing something? I don't care anymore, Good bye for Good! Thank You Education Ministry and NEC (National Exams Center) for ruining my future life, due to Mathematics and Lithuanian National Exams, a big Fuck You to You! But as it’s over with and I have a good job as a programmer, moreover my marks in the University never been lower than 8, so I think I am doing quite fine and I don’t need to pay for my studies too.

  So I entered the University, the one I desired, I filled the LAMA application and got to VGTU (Vilnius Gedimino Technical University), into Fundamental  studies faculty, my profession - Engineering Informatics, which code is 628, I chose D (day) studies and I am partially funded by my country (DVF), To tell the truth, I am really happy, I didn't even thought to enter there, this profession, specialty was written in the top, number 1..

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Exam Results
 Exam Results

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