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  Etiquette and manners, isn't this just bullshit? I see a lot of people live with the most popular, civilized manners, pretending that they are so nice and saying different words just that it is nice and maybe they feel better. I never lived on the standards, don’t like the way people think about etiquette and manners. Their style and taste, most of stupid people think that their style and taste is the best and I hate people who just are so annoying speaking about it and they really irritate me, for example, Jews, have you ever talked with a Jew? After sometime they start speaking how wonderful their traditions are, even though I did not ask about it. But I must agree that I know some Jews I really like them and they are not like that, they look smart and intelligent. Everyone has their own taste and a lot of whom are just influenced by other heresy.

  I have created my own manners and etiquette, I rarely say sorry, unless I really want to apologize, that is why I think that my apology is real and I really mean it, not much people in my life has heard a real apology from me. I eat as I want to, with my hands and with a fork or spoon, I don't need anything more, no knives, no nothing, I start to hate people using knives, but sometimes I am jealous that they know how to use a knife, I don't. But afterwards I start to not care, a fork can act as a knife, I like good forks. I eat a lot and whenever I want to, I can finish it or leave it full, I don't see anything bad about it. Burping, does not mean anything for me, I think it is funny and I burp if I ate tasty, some may think that this is disgusting, but not for me. But to fart, I don't like it, it is funny for me only among friends or when I am alone, but in public I really feel embarrassed and don't like the smell. To sneeze , everyone might sneeze in public, but I don't like when people say cheers after I sneeze, I feel embarrassed, because someone noticed it and told everyone about it, I never say sorry after I sneeze too, due to I pretend that nothing happened and life continues.

  Furthermore, I don't think that acting stupid means something, until you know yourself; you know that this is just for fun, why not? Even if the public might think you are stupid or crazy, why should I care about it? But sometimes I feel embarrassed, don't know why! I never thought of my appearance, I always liked to dress as I want to and feel comfortable, if someone does not like it, I don't really care, but I hear the comments though. I just don't like holes in my clothes, when I have a hole in my jeans or whatever; I think that everyone is looking at me, even if the hole is sewed. I hate rich people, because they are different, money makes influence on them, they think they are on the top, I hate girls with a lot of make up and who spend hours near the mirror, why care so much? Just that we man/boys would look at you? When will women understand.. in fact, the more simple the man is, the more original he is, simplicity makes you original and if you fallow the fashion, you will never feel yourself, you just plagiarise. I am just to lazy to go to the shop and buy something for myself, I even regrettably spend money on clothes, I rather buy some beer or something more needed for myself. In addition, I am not a person who might feel bad in places like dumps, basements or near a dog shit in the yard, being evil is not so bad, you just need to have a good heart and be smart.

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