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Ethics Task

  Article » Ethics Task

  This year was my last year in school, so I needed to do a task for Ethics lesson by writing some paragraphs on my teachers questions; I have done it one of the first together with a class mate, so I thought to put it here online too.. Even though I was writing it being under the influence of alcohol on some weekend and after reading it later I was not proud about it, the language is really simple, but anyway you can use it for your personal task somewhere or whatever. Maybe the ones who are late to finish this task will find this site by using the Google search engine and that would be quite funny.

  1) We are different, but alike

  All of us are different, but also alike, even in school we learned that different poles pull each other, but this law isn't always equal to humans, does not matter or for males or females. People being together assimilates, learns from each other, exchanges their experience, socializes, but after dividing, they spend their time elsewhere, drift apart. Usually it is just illusions, how a human thinks himself, how he looks at it, what he thinks and sense. For example, lets talk about horoscopes, it seems that they say a lot of details about people and a lot of who say that they are both a Scorpio, they are very alike, but I think if telling a lie that you are an Scorpio too, he will believe you, why shouldn't he? He will think that you are alike and etc. Or if a guy is reading his horoscopes daily, changing his Scorpio text for today with something different will result that he still believe it and will say that today happened the same stuff my horoscope told me. All we humans are alike, but none of us are equal to each other, even though the world is getting so monotonous, if speaking from the globalization side.

  2) Draft jealousy

  Jealousy, a lot of whom ask what is jealousy, but jealousy is such a state, usually a bad state, full of distress or empathy... sometimes people are lying that they are jealous, they pretend, that they care. Often people being jealous calumny or tries to demote that man, that he could exalt himself; some people knows how to hide their jealousy, but sometimes seeing man's emotions, it is so easy to see that he is jealous. For example, if a man likes a female/male, he/she is often jealous, light jealously is good and healthy, but you never need to overdo and become sick, because the result might be bad. People like when others are jealous for them, but of course not to much, some people even manipulate on this. Personally, I think that jealously is just part of our imagination, which we can't really dispose, we ourselves create jealously and our body, organism reacts to it and anything can happen: you start to make bullshit, your temperature rise, you are blind for a while, you do something for what you're sorry later, in short - you do something headfirst.

  3) Battle with otherwise-minded

  Probably most of us don't like different people, who think differently than we do, maybe we just don't understand or even we don't want to understand them, that’s why different communities, unions, leagues, alliances, confederations, coalitions appear. Even taking an example in school, some are friends with one group; some are friends of another group. People don't like otherwise-minded, usually they don't even care about them and they just create stereotypical thoughts and spread their heresy. I think that firstly we need to try to understand, to wonder, how and why, and only later make an attack that to make as less mistakes as possible. But of course there are people who make the conflicts between different communities, individuals. For example, let me talk about Jews, their community always was closed and a lot of whom did not know what they did, what they thought and they used their imagination and created different stories to fill their spaces of unknown. You can't judge about something you don't know, but it is not always true, because not always you need to know somebody to judge, that is why I should rephrase it to - about something you don't know - be silent, and something you don't know, don't say it.

  4) When a word has more meaning

  Often the same word has a lot of different meanings and it does not only dominate in Lithuanian language, but also in all the other languages and one word can mean something else in other language, but its pronunciation might be different and etc. Sometimes it is hard to talk with other people, especially if he is different attitude, it might even hurt him. You need to learn to use different words and know how and where to use them, there is a good Saying "Think what you say, say what you think". Eventually, when a word has more meaning, it is nice, isn't it? And furthermore it is not so boring. Sometimes a word can tell much more than the entire sentence. But you need to know people better, their eyes and their movements and so on, not all are able to read this language.

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