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  Engineering Informatics

  In the year 2006 I entered Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, I am studying Information Technologies called Engineering Informatics, I study in the 3th group, in short it is just called II-06/3! Engineering Informatics is part of the Faculty of Fundamental Sciences, which was found in the year 1993; currently the Dean Assoc is Prof. Dr. Algirdas Čiučelis, but sorry to say, he died in 2008 beginning… Lets all pray for his soul…

What am I studying?

I - Course - 2006/2007 years
  I - Semester:

Mathematical Analysis 1, practical - asst. J.Židanavičiūtė
Mathematical Analysis 1, theoretical - doc. K.Padvelskis
Programming 1, practical - lect. N.Čeikienė
Programming 1, theoretical - Prof. P.G.Adomėnas
Operating Systems - doc. R.Kulvietienė
Analytic Geometry and Vector Algebra - Dr. K.Samaitis
Study of Europe Introduction, lectures - doc. K.Monkevičius
Study of Europe Introduction, seminars – lect. V.Keciorytė
English Language 1 - lect. A.Marmienė
Physical Training 1 - lect. J.E.Pečiūra

  II - Semester:

Mathematical Analysis 2, practical - lect. J.Židanavičiūtė
Mathematical Analysis 2, theoretical - doc. K.Padvelskis
Programming 2 - lect. M.Rybokas
Matrix Calculation, lectures – Prof. M.Sapagovas
Matrix Calculation, practical - doc. D.Deltuvienė
Matrix Calculation, laboratory – asst. D.Melichov
Information Resources - lect. V.Dapkūnaitė
Computer Graphic - doc. D.Makutėnienė
English Language 2 - lect. A.Marmienė
Physical Training 2 - lect. J.E.Pečiūra

II- Course - 2007/2008 years
  III - Semester:

Mathematical Analysis 3, practical - asst. V.Chadyšas
Mathematical Analysis 3, theoretical - doc. K.Padvelskis
Physics 1 – doc. A.Urbelis
Physics 1, laboratory - prof. A.Česnys
Programming C# - doc. M.Rybokas
Numerical Methods and Algorithms, lectures - doc. O.Suboč
Numerical Methods and Algorithms, laboratory - asst. I.Laukaitytė
Man and Environment - doc. R.L.Idzelis
Economics 1 - doc. A.Liučvaitienė

  IV - Semester:

Probability Theory, practical - doc. K.Padvelskis
Probability Theory, lectures - prof. L.Saulis
Differential Equations – doc. T.Leonavičienė
Differential Equations, laboratory - asst. N.Tumanova
Programming 3 - doc. S.Valentinavičius
Programming 3, laboratory - asst R.Šėporaitytė
Physics 2, lectures - doc. A.Urbelis
Physics 2, practical - doc. A.Česnys
Physics 2, laboratory - doc. V.Špakauskas
Economics 2 - doc. V.Kazlovas
Political Culture - lect. A.K.Blažienė

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Engineering Informatics
 Engineering Informatics

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