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  Firstly I will explain what desire is. Desire is not an urge for sex, alcohol, power, money or similar. You’ll get it when you will remember the phrase "godlike desire". Desire - it is a lure and lure is a challenge, so desire is a challenge for sex, alcohol, power and etc. I just thought of an old good saying "know your self" even though it sounds fuzzily. How to know? What exactly to know? And the main part - why?

  As a matter of fact, what will you get by knowing? For example: of course the understanding of your weakness? Why do we need that knowledge, will it give us happiness? And how will you need to know, by practice or by thinking? A little of experience is more superior to tons of thoughts.

  Is it possible by thinking a lot to strengthen your ability for something you don’t have practice yet? Or maybe you just need to try it? (You remember what a challenge is?) Hundred times of thinking how you will feel in an unknown situation for you, we just go down in that kind of situation later.

  So that means that we only can use our thinking when we are already mature, so if we explain mature as gained experience, that is the desire, probation, so what then, we will give up for the desire?

  It all just sucks to seat hours in the chats on the Internet, of course it is a desire, but how many hours do you need to spend there to know your self, a year, a month or a day? How many alcohol you need to drink, that you would understand an easy thing, like: with whom you will be drinking, you will still drink in loneliness, a tank, a bucket, a box, a bottle of beer? How much you need to "fuck" that you would understand that searching for a perfect ideal is pointless, hundred, thirty or just "masturbate"?

  Whatever you say, I don’t care. In my opinion the satisfied one is not the one who ate all, but the one who ate substantially. And for preconception I can suggest to "temper your self".

  Doesn't all our problems start when we over try? You can laugh from a young virgin guy the same as from a chronic clap lecher. If you didn't fell it practically - shut up; if you practiced for the process and not for the knowledge - shut up at all. On the other hand, been there, done that, did it - gained experience, have desire? Then you gave up for the lure. As I remember: "Nothing is too much" - as said our ancestry.

  And what’s in the end? It is the question of the point of living. I mean why brothers and sisters to live? I think we need to live until the moment comes, when death becomes a free choice and not a sad need. I will explain: to live until the time you will say for your self "I answered all my questions and further it is silence". The point of life is to understand and know yourself; it means to answer all your questions. To know is to test, try, desire and understand, but remember folks, the one who knows more doesn't mean he is wiser or smarter, there is a line between knowledge and experience, you really don't need to know everything, the more you know the unhappier you are, so be careful by searching for the knowledge.

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