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  This site is copyright by me, Quatrux, all the content and images belong to me and you are not allowed to copy or redistribute them without a notice to the web master, first you need to get permission, it is prohibited, you're not allowed to use my site as your income from ads, I have scripts system written by me and I see all the access's to this site. So you can easily be banned from the network, I also like contacting ISP's by email or telephone, which I can get from Whois search by using your IP address, even if you use proxy, I can know your IP. I know who is linking to me, I can easily make that any link to me for content for specific server wouldn’t be accessible. Moreover, I like to contact people who host you; I like to search Google to know more about you and to I like making fun of you, who does not have permission to do something.

  Just read the homepage and make yourself useful and don’t get me Angry, because someone already did and I made my stuff, it’s good to have a book of laws on the Internet and to have some money to call a foreign country and it’s funny when someone can get their Internet access forbidden.

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