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  If you want to Contact Me it is very easy. I am using most of chatting stuff and different messengers like Skype, Yahoo, MSN, AIM/ICQ, Jabber and IRC and of course eMail! So here is a list of how can you get me online! And maybe we could go and get some more Beer.

IRC- I am usually sitting on Aitvaras network as Questutis or Quatrux, but I am sitting on a lot different servers too on various channels. You can find me on Aitvaras: #phphelp, #mysql, #vgtu-ii, #metalas, #doom-metal, #amiga, #kaukazas; Freenode: ##php, #mysql, ##amiga, #apache, #regexp, #morphos, #pegasos, ##c, ##c++, #webdesign, #gimp, ##csharp, #zftalk; Dalnet: #Amiga-Mania, #php; IRCNet: #amiga; GalaxyNet: #amiga_overmind; AmigaNet: #Amiga; ARCNet: #Amiga, #amihelp, #Sambuca

IconAlso, I am using MSN messenger to stay up to date and talk to several friends I have there, you can find me there by the nickname Questutis616 or Quatrux - I am using the hotmail dot com as my username with those, so you don't have to have problems to find me there!

YahooTo continue, I am using the Yahoo messenger, where I have several friends, but in fact, don't know them very well, but they need to be in my contact list.. You can only find me here with the username Quatrux.. I lost the password and stupid Yahoo doesn't send me the password from their servers for my previous username Questutis, so you can only find me as Quatrux!

AimAIM is needed for me, because through it I have the ICQ friends, I don't really have an ICQ account, so that is why Aim is needed for me, a lot of whom has ICQ, even though for years it isn't as popular as it used to be, remember it was one of the first ones like that, IRC was the first one though! My username here is Questutis616

Jabber and Google
TalkJabber, it is really a beauty, using it you can connect to a lot of different messengers and that is very useful if you use MorphOS or AmigaOS Jabberwocky software, I am sitting there as Questutis and using the org.uk/Home as my resource.. Also you can find me on Google Talk by the nickname Quatrux, I am usually online and as we all know Google talk is using the Jabber protocol!
For all those messengers I don't have different programs.. I am using the open source program Gaim to connect to all those protocols, but not to IRC, because for IRC I use my own compiled XChat from source on Windows XP, on Linux it is free and can be emerged easily, but as it is GTK, I don't really use it, because I use KDE environment!

SkypeThis is the chatting Program I am using the most nowadays, well maybe similar to IRC, but who knows.. I really like it, but it got to big and has some problems now, but maybe with time they will be fixed, anyway a lot of my friends moved from IRC and other protocols to Skype, I don't know why it got so popular here, but it did and I am using it, you can easily find me if you will search for Quatrux. ;)

Apex DC logoI am using ApexDC++ as my peer to peer client, in short known as p2p to download  different files and of course to share.. if you have it, you know that on every hub you can talk as if it would be a normal chat.. I am using several Lithuanian hubs, which you usually can find on different hublists by searching for hubs from Lithuania, if someone wants to find me there, here are the hubs I am using: dc.meganet, dchub.supernode.lt, dchub.vkt.lt, dc.zebra.lt, dchub.dtiltas.lt, dc.b4net.lt;
To finish this page, I almost forgot to mention my eMail address: admin at quatrux dot net Also I have much more emails, but you don't need to know them, I won't give GSM in public, if you want to know my cell number phone or home number phone, then you should first contact me in other ways, all I can say that to call to Lithuania you need the code +370, to connect to GSM cell phones 6 and to connect to my capital city 5, then you always need to click 2 and 6 more numbers to my phone - +37052.. or +3706..! ;)

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